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Blowback explained

Older documentry in the middle, interesting.

Letter to Ron Paul supporters

Dear Ron Paul supporter:

I write this letter to support you. Without you I don't think Ron Paul would get as much media attention as he has. I imagine that you have a passion for this country that is difficult to extinguish. It is because of that passion that it is important to take a step back and make sure that passion gets directed in a productive way. The other candidates pay people with more experience than we have, so it is important that we remain effective. So let's just start with a few rules I think we all should follow.

1) Never be mean. Remember, it's the LOVE revolution. Either win them with love, or don't win them at all.

2) If people are mean to you, refer to first rule. Just because someone curses at you doesn't mean that it's right to curse back. Christians should cite Jesus "Turn the other cheek." Non-Christians could cite the example of Gandhi "Pocket the insult." Again, win them with love.

3) Arguments that they (especially neo-conns) will make against Paul, might actually be arguments for Ron Paul. Example:

RPS: Have you heard about Ron Paul?
NC: I don't think that he'll protect us from a terrorist attack.
RPS: I know it's horrible that our President didn't protect us from attack.
NC: It was the policies of Clinton that led us up to these attacks.
RPS: I agree both parties have failed us.

At this point you should be looking into changing the topic. This discussion may make the neo-conn very mad. Let the neo-conn say an angry piece, and stop the conversation or change the subject.

4) Stick to the message. If you think something outside of Ron Paul's message keep it to yourself when talking about Ron Paul. This is important! It's not about you, it's about peace and freedom.

5) Answer questions. If possible don't debate at all. I carry around Ron Paul cards and give them out to people that seem to think about politics. My policy is answer questions, but not much more. Name recognition is important at this stage. Later we can work on what people know about the name.

6) Don't argue against socialist programs. If someone says that government health care is important to them, it's over. The argument against socialism is very long. Unless you're trying to persuade your best of friends, forget it. If you can't help but argue against socialism, recommend a book instead. If you don't know a book to recommend, than you probably shouldn't argue against health care.

This is just my feeble attempt to unify a decentralized movement. Thanks.


Good points are made..

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Leading the Cause of Freedom in Iowa

That was an awsome video!!