Friday, May 25, 2007

A Democrat or Ron Paul

OK Americans get real; with 70% of Americans against the Iraq war there is no way that a pro-war republican will win the presidency. That means that, baring a third party candidate, the next president will be a Democrat or Dr. Ron Paul.

I’m a registered Republican, but the agenda of the now main stream Republican Party has left me out in the cold, shunning my better sense. In my heart I feel that I am without a real party that I can support. Then I noticed this guy, Ron Paul, who gives me hope for America and the Republican Party. I know that many of my friends have the same sense.

Without the revival that Ron Paul may bring, I believe we will witness the fall of the Republican Party. Yes, I really mean it. If not the fall of the Republican Party, we are approaching a period where they will be powerless and dormant. Is that what we want? Do we really want no check on the Democratic Party for the next four years? Not to slander the Democrats, they do represent a segment of the American populous. I offer for comparison, the effect of the unchecked Republican Party these past six years. Is the Democratic Party really the only choice that we have for next year’s election?

Ron Paul has had an extremely positive influence on our national debate. The fact that we are actually talking about the issues in a less emotional context is perhaps the second step in a healing process.

Americans, we are wounded. When the wound was inflicted we lashed back, trying to find the people we should point the finger or bomb at. We’ve been wounded, and with all the lashing out we haven’t had time to heal. To me, Ron Paul is offering the opportunity for us to heal. Dr. Paul, I’m proud to say that you have my vote.

Moving comment

This is a response to an article that was on the front page of The Houston Chronicle. It speaks to me in a very real way, I think her story explains how a lot of Americans feel or will feel.

BonnieBlueSky wrote:

I love Ron Paul because he broke the wicked spell that has hung over me since 9-11. I was in the twin towers having lunch at the restaurant at the top of the World Trade Tower just days before 9-11. All the staff I met were of course killed. I went around for years yelling "the sky is falling" just like Glenn Beck and Shaun Hannity. When Shaun and others said "they hate us because we are free", I believed it. THAT LIFE IS A LIVING DEATH!! Incessant HYPER-VIGILANCE is a living death!

Then I listened to Ron Paul say 1."No, they hate us because we are in their country and have been bombing them FOR 10 YEARS
2. We are now into huge debt to china to pay for this war.
3. We just marched into Iraq so we can just march out.

Today I truly chuckle chuckle chuckle when I hear they hate us because we are free. It's silly to imagine that I am wanted dead because someone hates my freedom. People have more important things to think about than Squashing American freedom. However, I understand now that as much as I hate this invasion of illegals into my country, I can imagine people in other countries do not care much for American occupation. The spell is broken! I have renewed hope in my life!! Life is good. People are good. Ron Paul is my hero!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Not Blond enough

Why do the papers ask if Barak "is black enough" to be president?

Why do the papers ask if Ron Paul "is Republican enough" to be president?

If I ran would I be "blond enough?"

I'm only woried about doing a good enough job, or the best job possible!

It is time that we as americans put aside our labels and join forces as people. We are people! Forget the lables that the media puts on us, the people.

Ron Paul's Support!!

It's growing!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Tucker interview with Ron Paul

A great interview with Ron Paul.