Friday, May 25, 2007

A Democrat or Ron Paul

OK Americans get real; with 70% of Americans against the Iraq war there is no way that a pro-war republican will win the presidency. That means that, baring a third party candidate, the next president will be a Democrat or Dr. Ron Paul.

I’m a registered Republican, but the agenda of the now main stream Republican Party has left me out in the cold, shunning my better sense. In my heart I feel that I am without a real party that I can support. Then I noticed this guy, Ron Paul, who gives me hope for America and the Republican Party. I know that many of my friends have the same sense.

Without the revival that Ron Paul may bring, I believe we will witness the fall of the Republican Party. Yes, I really mean it. If not the fall of the Republican Party, we are approaching a period where they will be powerless and dormant. Is that what we want? Do we really want no check on the Democratic Party for the next four years? Not to slander the Democrats, they do represent a segment of the American populous. I offer for comparison, the effect of the unchecked Republican Party these past six years. Is the Democratic Party really the only choice that we have for next year’s election?

Ron Paul has had an extremely positive influence on our national debate. The fact that we are actually talking about the issues in a less emotional context is perhaps the second step in a healing process.

Americans, we are wounded. When the wound was inflicted we lashed back, trying to find the people we should point the finger or bomb at. We’ve been wounded, and with all the lashing out we haven’t had time to heal. To me, Ron Paul is offering the opportunity for us to heal. Dr. Paul, I’m proud to say that you have my vote.

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Sean said...

I completely agree with your comments. If the GOP puts up a pro-war candidate they are going to lose in a big way.

Odds of Ron Paul winning the nomination are now listed at 7:1 on gambling sites. Just a few weeks ago he was at 100:1 or more. I think the neocons are probably pissing their pants about now.