Monday, November 13, 2006

Mixed feelings

I have mixed feelings about this past election (2006). I felt that the republicans had to be stopped. I didn't want all the spending programs that the democrats will bring, but I didn't want the wire-tapping, the torture, the war, the fearmongering that comes with George W. Bush. I feel that much of the country agrees with me, and am very glad that G. Bush will have a check on him his last two years in office.

It's bitter sweet though. This past election I noticed something new. A libertarian on the ballot. I immediately went to my computer to learn about this candidate, and decided to vote for him. I am very happy with this vote. I feel that the libertarian party may bring this American nation back to life. If the libertarian party cannot do this by electing officials, I hope at least they can influence the other two parties. I've never liked the democrat's view that government should grow and grow and grow. Tax, tax tax, spend, spend, spend.

I have recently been thankful that the democrats, support social freedom. The democrats generally are pro-choice, don't portray gay marriage as an issue, don't overly support religion in the public square. On all of these issues I can agree with the democrats. I can also agree with the low deficit of the contract with America days that the republicans pushed so hard for. Unfortunately the republicans are in breach of contract.

What am I to do, for whom am I to vote? I feel that the libertarians have come to fill this political void. Some people say it's a wasted vote. I say it's better to vote your conscience. I've also looked into this wasted vote idea, and I conclude it's a sham. In Indiana, for example, the secretary of state candidate received 3.3% of the vote. This may sound small to you, but the fact that it's over two percent means that the libertarians will have automatic ballot access through 2010. This saves the party lots of money, and allows for more to be spent on campaigning. This helps the libertarian party, for all the races in Indiana. Texas is becoming a strong hold for the libertarians. Records were set this year, and I expect this growth to continue.

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