Saturday, October 27, 2007

If you like Ron Paul check out Murray Rothbard

Who is Murray Rothbard? No, he’s not running for president. He was an economist who lays out an argument for a new liberty in his book For a New Liberty. M. Rothbard may be called an Austrian Economist. Austrian Economics differs from some other economic theories, the main competing theory being the Chicago school. Milton Freedman is an example of someone in the Chicago school. One big difference is that “Austrians” support a value backed currency, just like Ron Paul.

If you are interested in the academic background of Ron Paul’s ideas you could read M. Rothbard’s book. But I must include the warning that Rothbard’s book is more radical than Ron Paul’s position. Ron Paul seems to be more influenced by Ludwig von Mises. Ron Paul has mentioned his book Human Action. I have not read this book but I enjoyed Liberalism and Omnipotent Government.

Ludwig von Mises immigrated form Austria before the Second World War, and spearheaded his economic theory. That’s why it’s referred to as Austrian Economics.

Murray Rothbard’s book : HUGE PDF, Buy a Hard Copy

Ludwig von Mises books: Human Action, Liberalism, Omnipotent Government

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