Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke - Monetary Inflation - 11.08.07

Ron Paul sticks it to Ben Bernanke in this video below. While Ron Paul is speaking they show the Euro, and the British Pound getting stronger against the dollar. They show that the Yen is weaker than at the beginning of the day. Still they show that the Dollar buys 112 yen that's down from 114 this week and 118 in the past month.

If that currency jargon bothers or doesn't interest you, then the next pieces of information should. They show Oil at $97/barrel. That's up from $60 before the summer and is above last years high which was around $80. Our weak dollar contributes to this higher cost of Oil. They also quote Heating oil and RBOB gasoline. RBOB gasoline is quoted at almost $2.50. This is the price of gas before blending bought in bulk. It would seem that everyone is interested in the fact that gas is going up.

Another "complicated" issue that Congressman Paul refers to is the M3. M3 is a number that should be thought of as all the money in circulation. This includes the money in certificates of deposit and bonds. At some point the federal reserve stopped reporting this number. It is mysterious as to why this number would not be reported. The MZM referred to can be thought of as all money available on demand.

It's not clear who was laughing at the decreasing standard living of the elderly in America at the end of this clip.

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