Friday, December 7, 2007

Tucker on Ron Paul Blimp


Anonymous said...

Presidential candidate Ron Paul is a confirmed speaker at the Liberty Forum for Sunday January 6th, in Nashua, New Hampshire. He joins a 20+ list of "who's who" in pro-liberty speakers. During the 3-day convention, activists will hear about the political action methods already being effectively employed in New Hampshire. Members of the Free State Project community will enjoy the chance to meet, socialize, and get a firsthand New Hampshire experience.

Peter M. Eyre said...

Fellow lovers of liberty,

Due to your interest in the message advocated by Ron Paul I wanted to make sure you were aware of the 2008 Liberty Forum (, which is happening January 3-6th in Nashua, NH.

If you haven't yet heard, Dr. Paul is one of the keynote speakers for the second year in a row (check out this video to see his speech from 2007). Last year over 350 people attended. This year we're expecting even more (which is why we had to find a different venue that had greater capacity). It would be excellent if you could help us to spread the message of liberty by letting visitors to your site know about this event.

Note that for those under 18 registration fees are waived and that college students get a steep discount (they can email Chris Lawless, the coordinator for the Liberty Forum, at:

Thanks in advance. I hope to see you in NH!

In Liberty,


Resilient Hawk said...

I am concerned. If Ron Paul cannot make a new leap, the way Huckabee has, then what? Fred Thompson, John Edwards, John McCain, all candidates talked about early on, all have but fizzled.

I think of Howard Dean in 2004. Much noise, online support, and then nothing when it mattered.

A Trendl

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